Top Ten Places to Teach ESL

10. Saudi Arabia

Image result for saudi arabiaThis is a great country with a great culture. I have met so many interesting students from this country. It is definitely not the kind of place that people may make it out to be. There seems to be a lot of discussion about ethics and philosophy here among both men and women. The downside  about teaching here might be that you have to live in a bunker. You will earn a lot of money.

9.  South Korea

Everyone says go to Korea, but I hear that there are plenty of good and bad experiences to be had here. I’m told that some schools are a little crazy. In general, people like the culture and the experience a lot.

8.  Thailand

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Like South Korea, Thailand will pay you well. It also has great food and interesting monuments. It will be great for site-seeing. The negative is that the ESL teachers who go there just want to party.

7. Japan

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This is a beautiful country with a beautiful history. It has amazing food and a very interesting culture. People who teach here also get paid well. Japanese culture is probably hard to get into though than other cultures.

6. Brazil

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A beautiful, huge, and somewhat dangerous country. I think teaching here could be great but also a little scary. It is cheap. You also won’t get paid much.

4. Chile

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Chile has a lot to offer and Santiago has its points of interests, but it is a little expensive for the ESL teacher. On the other hand, you will find a lot of expat teachers here who have either gotten disenchanted with the US or gotten married or both!

3.  China

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China seems like a very appealing place to teach. It has some much beauty, history, and culture. It also pays well. From what is said, You will find a lot of different cultures in China.

2. Mexico

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Mexico is full of ruins and history, but you are better off volunteering here for board. You can’t make a lot of money, unless you work in Mexico City. It’s also dangerous here. Despite the bad element, the majority of people in Mexico are among the friendliest and most outgoing in the world.

2. Colombia

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I’m not sure what I think of Colombia. It is a beautiful place, but some say it’s a little overestimated. Personally, I like the food better in Mexico for one thing! That being said, it’s a very cultural place. There will be many surprises here and friendly people to get to know.

1. Dubai

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A lot of people say you should go to Dubai to make millions. I think the whole thing about making a huge fortune overseas as an ESL teacher is somewhat overblown. You won’t be able to retire or anything! Dubai is a cool place (so I hear), but I also hear it has a little less authentic culture (than say Saudi Arabia).

Disclaimer: This list is in random order. This is just my own personal list, not based on any scientific research. Also I haven’t taught in many of these locations so my feedback is from friends, etc.