I’m often surprised that teachers don’t know about these great websites. Check them out and please ADD YOUR OWN in the comments section.  

You will find all of the grammar worksheets and games you want here. The only downer is that you have to pay for some of the material. That being said a lot of stuff is free!

It’s all free here. You’ll find teacher worksheets and games as well as explanations of how to teach tenses. This can be very helpful when you are learning the ropes of teaching.

This website is really great for students and teachers. It is great for all the domains, listening, writing, reading, speaking, and reading. I particularly like the minimal pairs section under pronunciation.

A good site for videos for varying levels often with a quiz to go with the video.

This is the same idea but for listening. This website has very professional listening material with quizzes.

You can find zillions of grammar and listening exercises among others on this site and zillions of links. There are also exercises for Spanish learners.

My list wouldn’t be complete without this website which is a planet of ESL materials including activity ideas, grammar explanations, and job postings!