Grammar Game Books

What is the best grammar book to use for your classroom? A book that will give you activities to use in the classroom?

I have to admit that I was surprised to see that only 2 people had reviewed this excellent book that I stumbled upon when teaching in Mexico. A lot of the activities that I have subsequently found on the internet come from this book. It is divided up into grammar topics and each grammar topic has at least 7-8 games.

Side by Side Communication Games and Activity Masters has helped me to teach Book 1 for beginners. A lot of the pages can be photo-copied. This book works best if you are teaching the Side by Side series. However, you can teach the vocabulary and use it as a supplement to just about any book.

Use the Top Notch series Copy and Go in the same way you would use the Side by Side Communication Games and Activity Masters. I have found these books available almost everywhere I have taught in hard copy and pdf. Teacher’s swear by them.

So…..those are my ideas! Now add some of your own!