Accent Reduction

You can watch youtube videos on accent reduction and/or English speech sounds. Rachel’s English is a good series to watch. The best idea though in my opinion is to find someone on the internet who has faced the same kind of obstacles you have. These people know what kind of accent issues you are facing. Looking at Sammy diagrams is also useful. You can google sammy diagrams or go to this website: Private Lessons, ESL Tutoring, English Equivalency Exam Prep, Medical English..

To really nail the accent, you will have to consider linked sounds in the English language. This is a good place to start: Linking | English Club. It’s a good idea to watch videos in English listening specifically for blended sounds.

It’s also vital that you pick up the intonation of English and practice word stress. Many students have an accent simply because they have the wrong word stress in multi-syllable words or they don’t have proper English rhythm.

Finally, students I have worked with tell me that Americans tend to use their jaw a lot when talking—more than they do in their language. This could be something else to be aware of. This article has more tips…