This website is trying to mix different things. My goal is to provide teachers with worksheets and class material that they can print out and use for class in a pinch. I’d also like to give teachers some tips on teaching. Some of these tips come from my own experience and some come from books and lectures. There were so many things that I didn’t think about until I started teaching, but once I thought of them, I wanted to hear how others had dealt with them, which wasn’t always possible. Eventually, I’d hope that teachers could share their experience on this blog. In addition, I want to help teachers find the right job for them if I can! Finally, I want to help students who are motivated to pursue self-study. I’d like to make recommendations to them about materials to purchase, classes to take, and websites to visit. I hope you enjoy this site. The name was inspired by a mischief cat living in my apartment named Mila that became a friend and constant companion to me in Chile. She spent many afternoons with me preparing for my ESL classes.

Paul Kniaz